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Vertical panel in GNOME, 15 months later

Fixed vertical panel I'm happy to report that the subject is mostly fixed.

Window List: bgo#86382 has a working patch, it's not perfect (read comments 140, 141 and 145) but fixes the problem.

Notification Area: bgo#531371 also has a patch which works really well.

Quick Launch: My fix is included in version 2.12.6 of the applet.

Main Menu: The ugly arrow (bgo#562247 and bgo#564903) can be removed by setting "has-arrow" to FALSE in gnome-panel/panel-menu-button.c

Keyboard Indicator: bgo#591515 is not yet fixed. A quick and dirty hack is to comment out the entire switch statement in GSwitchitAppletUpdateAngle() function from gswitchit/gswitchit-applet.c

I'm using a GNOME desktop with all these fixes daily and I'm quite happy with it. You can get my customizepkg files for Arch Linux from GitHub; read how to use them in the previous post.

Published: 2009-09-06

Tags: gnome linux