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Spek 0.2 - now works in Windows

Spek now has a fully functional Windows port! The installer bundles GTK+, GStreamer and all their dependencies, you don't need to install anything else.

Screenshot of Spek running under Windows 7

I also moved project hosting over to Google Code so Spek now has a full-fledged bug tracker. The source code is still hosted on Gitorious.

If you are tired of starting up monstrous applications like Adobe Audition or Audacity just to check a file's spectrogram, give Spek a shot!

Published: 2010-05-15

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Introducing Spek

I just released version 0.1 of Spek -- a little program that shows spectrograms of audio files. Spek is written in Vala and uses the standard GNOME stack: GLib, GTK+, Cairo and GStreamer.

Spectrogram of a FLAC file

Spectrograms are used to analyse the quality of audio files, you can easily detect lossy re-encodes, web-rips and other badness by just looking at the spectrogram.

This version of Spek doesn't do much apart from showing the actual spectrogram and allowing to save it as a PNG image. However, I plan to add a bunch of features before releasing version 1.0:

You can download the tarball from the project's website. To build and run:

% tar -xjvf spek-0.1.tar.bz2
% cd spek-0.1
% ./configure
% make
% src/spek

Or sudo make install to have it installed.


The code is available on Gitorious. I really need and will appreciate help in these areas:

Why Vala?

I initially wanted to write Spek in Haskell to practice the language after reading The Haskell School of Expression (generously sent to me by Jorge). However, after writing a bit of code I realised that all the functional goodness of Haskell is not used at all because Spek is simply a bit of glue between GTK+ and GStreamer, with very little code of its own. Also, the prototype's executable size of 14+ MiB didn't help much in convincing myself that Haskell was a good pick for this project.

I was left with C and C#. The latter didn't feel like a good idea for the same reasons: I wanted something lightweight for this small little app, C# would require a lot of dependencies. Also, while I really like C# as a language and Mono/.NET as a platform, I wanted to try something new for a change -- I already use them full-time on my day job and when hacking Banshee.

I wrote very little C/C++ code since late 90's, now I know why I didn't miss it much -- it's so incredibly verbose! After a few hours I gave up, decided to do some research and found Vala :)

The impression so far is hugely positive. Vala still has a few rough edges but nothing too bad and not work-aroundable. If you are tired of using C for your GTK+ applications, definitely give it a try!

Published: 2010-05-10

Tags: gnome spek

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