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Spek 0.8.0 Released

Spek logo After more than a year in the baking, a new version of Spek is out!

This release is almost a complete rewrite driven by the switch from GTK+ to wxWidgets to simplify packaging and to improve integration on Windows and Mac OS X. The switch also allowed to make a singe-exe version of Spek on Windows, which was a frequently requested feature.

Spek now allows to change the spectral density range, which is essential when trying to detect lossy transcodes. It also handles the low end of the density better resulting in less noisy spectrograms.

There were also some infrastructure changes: downloads and issues have been moved from Google Code to GitHub, and wiki pages with platform-specific installation instructions have been moved to a single INSTALL file.

Read the changelog for the full list of changes in this release. Download links and installation instructions are available on the Spek homepage, get it while it's hot!

Published: 2012-09-23

Tags: spek