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muspy is now free software

muspy logo muspy is an album release notification service, you give it a list of your favourite artists and it sends you a notice (by email or RSS) as soon as they have new releases.

I wrote muspy 3 years ago to scratch a personal itch -- I was spending too much time online checking if bands I'm into have something new; but was still missing many releases.

muspy was initially developed for Google App Engine, which was the hot new thing back then. In retrospect, while working with App Engine was extremely educational and a lot of fun, it wasn't a very good fit. The recent announcement on the price increase was the last straw -- I decided to re-write it in vanilla Django and to host it myself.

I'm also releasing the source code under GNU AGPL in the hope that it will be beneficial for the service and for its users.

Major changes since the previous version:

Other than that, muspy remains pretty much the same. I migrated all the data but I encourage you to go the old site at and to check if everything was migrated correctly. Please note that the old site's background processes are not running and it will be taken down in a month or two.

Now that muspy is free and open-source, don't hesitate to look at the code, tweak it and suggest improvements. Git and GitHub make it too damn easy!

And if you never used muspy before, give it a try!

Published: 2011-10-29

Tags: muspy