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FreeBSD ports/UPDATING web feed

Two things recently happened to me: I fell in love with FreeBSD and I got a new job (and will be moving to Malaysia very soon!)

At the new job I will mostly be dealing with Perl and, considering it's not the language I'm most familiar with, I was looking for a small project to practice it.

Thus, was born. It's a web feed that keeps track of the /usr/ports/UPDATING file. I personally find it much easier to use a news reader than manually checking the file each time I want to update my ports.

Like most Perl scripts, the one generating the feed is short, uses a lot of CPAN modules, and is a bit ugly :) You can check it on GitHub.

P.S. As requested on freebsd-ports@ I also added feeds to head/UPDATING, stable-7/UPDATING and stable-8/UPDATING. Subscribe on

Published: 2010-09-24

Tags: freebsd perl