Alexander Kojevnikov

San Francisco, CA


An established software developer with over 17 years experience of development using full SDLC. Exceptional skills in C++ and C# languages on Linux/Unix and Windows environments.

Skills summary


Current Degree: Master of Mathematics
Major: Applied Mathematics and Informatics
1998--2000: University of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia), graduate school
1994--1998: University of Nizhny Novgorod (Russia),
Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics


2002--2003: MCP, MCAD, MCSD

Employment history

Thumbtack, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
May 2012 -- present: Software engineer (full-time, permanent)


RMG Technology (M) Sdn Bhd (Cyberjaya, Malaysia)
Nov 2010 -- May 2012: Senior software engineer (full-time, permanent)

RMG Technology is a subsidiary of the Regent Markets Group which runs BetOnMarkets -- the leading financial betting service. Offered bets are in effect exotic binary options on currencies, indices, commodities and stocks; ranging from time horizons of a few minutes to one year.

I was initially hired to support and further develop the website's back end systems, however after a few months I transitioned to the quant team to work on new option pricing engines and to support the quant-related infrastructure.

Our team implemented models varying from vanilla Black-Scholes to Vanna-Volga to LV, SV and SLV. My part in the project was implementation of a Monte-Carlo pricer running on GPUs (using CUDA and OpenCL) as well as improvement of model calibration routines and their integration into the pricing engine.

I worked in a mixed Linux/FreeBSD/Windows environment with wide variety of languages: C++, CUDA/OpenCL C, Perl, R and VBA.

Key achievements:

Pluritech CVBA (Vilvoorde, Belgium; Sydney, Australia)
Sep 2005 -- Oct 2010: Senior developer (full-time, contract, telecommuting from Sydney)
Jan 2002 -- Aug 2005: Senior developer (full-time, permanent)

Pluritech is a fast-growing IT solutions provider located near Brussels. My role in the company was to lead its software development team. I was involved in all stages of the SDLC, from liaising projects with clients and designing solutions that would suit them best, to implementation and deployment.

Most projects I delivered were n-tier client-server applications with client component implemented using Windows Forms, business logic layer written using ADO.NET, and with Microsoft SQL Server as a back-end. The client component connected to the business logic component via a secure HTTPS channel implemented using .NET Remoting technology. Many projects also included a Windows Service component performing various background tasks, such as sending out e-mails, replicating data with off-site databases and processing scheduled tasks.

Pluritech's clients I worked with include:

Key achievements:

Capvidia NV (Leuven, Belgium)
Dec 2000 -- Dec 2001: Software engineer (full-time, permanent)

Capvidia NN (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia)
Jul 2000 -- Nov 2000: Programmer (full-time, permanent)
Sep 1998 -- Jul 2000: Junior programmer (full-time, permanent)

Capvidia is a global software development company with offices in Belgium, United States, Japan and Russia. It specialises in CAD and GIS applications and is a SolidWorks Certified Gold Partner.

I started working at Capvidia after receiving my Bachelor’s degree. My first project was implementation of a C++ library of common graph theory data structures and algorithms. The library was used by the company’s GIS applications.

After the project was successfully completed, I was asked to develop a COM/VBA interface to the architectural CAD application the company was doing for a client. The interface allowed 3rd party companies to write add-ins on top of our application. The project quickly expanded; a year later I was leading a team of 2-3 developers and trainees.

Key achievements:

Institute of Applied Physics of the Russian Academy of Science

May 1995 -- Aug 1998: Junior research fellow (part-time, contract)

Institute of Applied Physics is one of the leading research centres in Russia. It specialises in non-linear dynamics and optics, plasma physics and hydrophysics.

I worked on an application that controlled the optical coherent tomograph designed by the institute. The tomograph performed non-invasive penetration scans and had mostly medical applications. Apart from controlling the tomograph, the program also had a module that converted tomograph’s output to popular image formats, applied various filters to the images and performed data analysis.

Key achievements:

Open source

I am an avid free / open-source software enthusiast. I am a member of the GNOME Foundation, co-maintainer of Banshee (a popular media management application) and of a few other GNOME-related projects.

I also maintain and develop Spek (an acoustic spectrum analyser) and muspy (an album release notification service); and contribute to many other free software projects. You can see the full list on my Ohloh profile. Most of the projects I maintain are hosted on GitHub.


As an Australian citizen I qualify for the E-3 visa which gives right to work in the United States.